A Modern Explosion of Flavors

A Restaurant Franchise Program that Fuses High-Quality Food with a Modern, Fast-Casual Twist

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    Making Gourmet California Style Japanese Cuisine Fun and Affordable

    With a Sushi Obsession franchise, and with our exclusive recipes and guidance, you can offer a range of flavorful food options that are ALWAYS made-to-order and just what your guests want:

    • Sushi Rolls Galore: Special, Regular, Giant, Deep Fried and more!
    • Salads and Appetizers like Tempura, Gyoza and Takoyaki
    • Our Signature SUSHI NACHOS
    • Ramen Noodles and Udon
    • Bento Boxes
    • Donburi Dishes
    • Delicious Desserts
    • Specialty Blended Beverages like Dirty Matcha, Happy Monkey and Strawberry Matcha
    • Sake, Beer and Sparkling Cocktails

    There is truly something for everyone on the Sushi Obsession menu! Invite your guests to dine in, takeout, order delivery or catered orders, or utilize the Sushi Obsession gift card program — all to keep your restaurant full and your kitchen prep areas hopping!

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    Envision Your Sushi Obsession Restaurant

    Sushi Obsession Staff

    Your restaurant can be located in a lifestyle center, mall, or strip center. Your 1200 – 2500 square foot, sleekly designed Sushi Obsession location will accommodate up to 20 guests.

    Best of all, with a focus on fresh, on-demand preparation, your restaurant kitchen will be easy to equip, following our established guidelines.

    Our leadership has taken great pride in designing the aesthetic that makes the Sushi Obsession special. We can’t wait to guide you at every step as you start up and operate your very own restaurant franchise.

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    Join us on an exciting journey to bring Sushi Obsession to sushi lovers everywhere!